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I was surprised to find things I considered my secret mottos for success here in this book! Things
I never thought I would ever find written in a book. Simple but magical. And I have identified
things which I still do which I’ll start avoiding to increase my efficiency and to add more value to my business. I have read many motivational books but this is the most thought-provoking.
Unlike most others, ‘Power Behind Every Success’ is less theoretical and more practical.”
~Atul Shah, Managing Director, Nakumatt Holdings Limited – Kenya


“This book is full of hope for those who don’t see a silver lining on the cloud, and valuable insights for everyone – which are distilled from Bonnie’s experience and indisputably extensive research. It has simple ideas that are easy to apply. This is a must read for those who want to not just succeed but maintain their success.”
~Patrick Obath, Managing Consultant, Eduardo and Associates and Chairman KEPSA


“It is all not lost. You can still make it. And it is simple and easy with the many nuggets contained in this priceless copy. It’s one of the greatest reads of these times.
~Bharati Savani, Head Of Corporate Communication, Compulynx Ltd


“Bonnie Kim is such a Motivational Speaker and book writer who has cut a niche for himself by fulfilling the gap left by many subject oriented writers. Through his hands on approach to life skills writing, Bonnie is an indisputably a mentor and life’s coach to the many people who keep asking themselves whether success is a predetermined endeavor of the anointed few. In his several writings, Bonnie demonstrates that success is as predictable as the fact that the sun rises from the East and sets in the West.”
~Bach P. Bach, Training Specialist, CFC Bank Ltd


“’Power behind Every Success’ is not a theory but has ideas which relates to real world challenges and how we can overcome them. It is enlightening, inspiring and motivating enough to make you set out to achieve your dreams. It motivated me to make a very important change in my life.”
~Milka Owao, Training Officer, IHRM


“The book is a great piece of literary art. It is simply but powerfully written and very easy to read. Once somebody starts reading, it is difficult to put it down as it is so captivating! It combines practical lessons in this life, with Bonnie’s own lessons from his real life experiences which are easy to identify with. Through the practical real life experiences, Bonnie is also able to deliver God’s message in a pleasant way that does not leave the reader feeling that he is preaching. Bonnie is undoubtedly an avid reader who shares what he has read, thereby enlightening them and creating some thirst for more knowledge and further reading. This book is inspiring, practical and written with a down to earth approach. This is a book for everybody; young and old.”
~Lydiah Waithaka, Managing Consultant, Eureka Educational and Training Consultants Ltd


“Bonnie Kim lives what he writes and that’s what motivates me to read his books and to recommend as a must read for all who want to change their lives. ........ It is inspiring, easy to read, apply the principles and written in a language that even those who are learning English can understand. Highly recommendable for anyone who desires to not only succeed but maintain that success for generations and generations. If you were thinking to buy your friend a gift; then this is the best gift you can buy.”
~Neel Shah, Business, Development Manager, Nakumatt Holdings Ltd


“Bonnie Kim has hacked it again! I like the passion and enthusiasm he has for life and for helping our young people keep on keeping on. If you would like to know your purpose and why you are here on earth, ‘Power behind Every Success’ is your best bet.
~Fred Kiiru, Author of the bestselling book ‘What Kills Students?’


“When I first met Bonnie Kim at the Nakumatt Head office, Mombasa Road, I saw a simple young man. I only knew Bonnie the trainer but not an Author. He caught me by surprise when he presented to me 3 books he had written. I am proud to say that I have been highly inspired by reading his books, and especially this one. I have found myself reading all his books over and over again. And this particular one, written in very simple words is ironically passing a very necessary and important message. This book has changed my perspective for life. If you want to be successful, but don’t know ‘how’, read this book!”
~Raphael W Matu, Lecturer, School of Economics, Kenyatta University


“What is success? How can I become successful? What is the power behind success? The perfect answers are in this book. This publication has broad appeal and I recommend it to young adults, professionals and business owners who are seeking greater success in their lives.”
~James N. Karundu, Business Growth Mentor for Entrepreneurs / Motivational Speaker / Author


“This another excellent piece of work that Bonnie has come up with, as student if you have been struggling to score A grades and setting goals then this book is meant for you. It will empower you to set goals and equip you on the power of determination and the power of self image. Indeed the student is the pillar of the society. Just as a school motto states , give us a boy we give you a man or give us a girl we give you woman. There you to your success as you turn the pages of this book.”
~Fredrick Kiiru Wanjiru, Author of What Kills Students? Motivational Speaker


“If I knew the secrets shared in this book, “THE POWER OF SELF IMAGE FOR SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS” when I was in school I would be a very different person today. Bonnie Kim has done it again. We cannot achieve grades that we never perceived in our mind. An amazing approach to students who want to go a notch higher in achieving success and goals. Self image is the most important tool in life. We are image driven beings, the more we see our goals that we want to achieve in advance, the better for us. What is possible in the mind is possible physically.”
~Maggie Munyua, Business Entrepreneur, Creative Eve


“This book should help every student to mark the RIGHT PRICE in their mind since their level of self esteem will determine their self-worth. I would highly recommend every student to keep a copy as a daily companion to academic excellence”.
~Mbugua Mumbi, Author of the Best selling: “EXCUSE ME! YOUR DREAM IS CALLING YOU”, BECOMING AN ‘A’ STUDET IN LIFE”, “VITAMINS FOR SUCCESS”. International Motivational Speaker & Life Coach


This book is amazing. The content is particularly helpful to those studying for examinations at whatever level of learning. General readers who aim to widen their own knowledge base will also have something to embrace from the book. That is so especially considering that learning is supposed to be a lifelong process whose benefits continually radiate to the whole body mechanism. Mwangi Wanjumbi ~Management Consultant, Trainer and Business/Inspirational Writer

“Every student wants to succeed in exams but we are lacking a book that can help to motivate and at the same time help our students achieve in academic excellence too. Good news is that Bonnie Kim has come up with this solution to our students. This is a very proactive approach which everyone who reads and implements them will see an impact change for transformation and growth in their lives”
~Elijah S. Inyanje, Founder – Impact Change Ltd.


“Bonnie has done justice to this subject, he has been able to deeply reveal the reasons why some students are very successful academically while others are not. How I wish I read such a book during my school days. For any student who is mindful of a successful future, this is a must read. As you read this Book I know for sure beyond the shadow of any doubt that your academic life will never be the same again. This book is a powerful tool for both students, principals, teachers, school administrators and parents.”
~Pepe Minambo, Best Selling Author Of Be Inspired Before You Expire


“I thank Bonnie for answering to the dream of inspiring others through his experience. I believe this book will shift your thinking about life and success for it’s filled with valuable insights. It has something that will make you realize that all is not lost and that every dark cloud has a silver lining.  But like I have always warned, even in my books, getting the message is not enough. You must take action and apply this message to transform your life.Born Without a Choice offers you the great choice to design your life in the exact manner that you desire it to be. But you must begin now or else tomorrow will be too late; success is in the now. Though you were born without a choice you now have a choice how to live. This is an actionable material and book more than worth your money and highly recommendable for anyone who desire to transform their life.”
~Mbugua Mumbi, International Motivational Speaker
Author of: Excuse Me! Your Dream is Calling You; Vitamins for Success; Becoming an ‘A’ Student in Life and Designed A Champion.


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