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Bonnie Kim, is a Gifted Dynamic, Interactive, Talented, Results-Oriented Professional Speaker and Certified Professional Trainer. His Trainings, Motivational Talks, Keynote Address, Conference, Mentorship and Seminars provide practical insights that  Transform, Empower, Inspire, Motivate, Energize people and teams to bring out the best in themselves and others; and increase productivity.  Bonnie Kim has been profoundly engaged by Leading Multi Nationals, Corporates, Governments, County Governments, Schools, N.G.O’S and Churches to Motivate, Inspire and transform performance.
Bonnie knows how to capture his audience. He presents a series of great ideas and strategies with a combination of easy, understandable facts, humor, insights and practical concepts that the audience can apply immediately to get better results. Training is not just his profession but his hobby and passion.

Try him today and you will see the difference. His awesome energy in motivating and his training delivery must be seen to be believed. It is for this reason that he is considered a distinguished International Motivational Speaker and Transformative Corporate Trainer whom many renowned international figures regard him as the best in  Africa.

Bonnie Kim has helped and continues to help many Corporate Companies, Government Institutions, Educational Institutions, Organizations, Churches, CEO’S, Celebrities, Politicians, Individuals old and young to discover their talent, develop positive self image, maximize their potential and succeed against all odds. Whichever field you are in Bonnie Kim will give you new insights that will transform, empower, inspire, motivate and help you discover the genius within. You are always guaranteed of the value for your money for his Trainings, Keynote Address, Team Building and Motivational Programs always deliver results.

We differentiate ourselves from others by delivering Customized Motivational Talks and Transformative Training Solutions for Corporate, SMES, Government, Educational Institutions, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Churches, Women Groups (Chamas), Youth Groups and N.G.Os.

In Corporate industries our passion lies in not only strengthening companies’ corporate image but also in helping develop a strong desire for great self image in their employees.

This helps them improve their performance and achieve constant and never ending growth.


  • ✔ Founder , CEO & Lead Trainer Bonnie Kim Ltd.
  • ✔ Powerful , Dynamic & Energizing Speaker.
  • ✔ Designs & Delivers Customized Training Modules.
  • ✔ Certified Professional Trainer  and Self Image Guru.
  • ✔ Highly  Sought After International Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker  & Corporate Trainer.
  • ✔ More than 7 years of experience in Training & Development.
  • ✔ Bonnie Kim Signature Story leaves audience with a Wow and  a testimony that  the principles he teaches works  and  he has been featured by  almost all National  Television, Newspaper, Radio and Leading Magazines.
  • ✔ Bonnie Kim  is a  widely published in business and  Motivation. Kenya Prolific  and Best Selling Author of 10 Books.
  • ✔ He is also a well read after Columnist  with The Service Magazine (Rwanda) and The Shabik Magazine.
  • ✔ Approved  Trainer & Motivational Speaker by Ministry of Education, Science & Technology.
  • ✔ Bonnie Kim takes effort to understand client’s business.
  • ✔ He is flexible and able to adapt to client’s needs.
  • ✔ Global Training Exposure with Local understanding makes us unique.
  • ✔ Training is not just his profession but his passion.
  • ✔ Bonnie Kim guarantees more than 100% returns thru’ training interventions
  • ✔ Bonnie Kim uses terminologies & language which can be easily understood and applied with ease
  • ✔ Works with a team of committed, passionate and dedicated training specialists.

✔ All this results in better Quality of Human Resource in your organization, growth , personal  drive , transformation  and profitability.



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