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Do you wake up and feel like you are in the wrong relationship?
Are you happy with the person that you are married to or dating?
Have you ever felt convinced that there is nothing like true love because of what you have gone through all your life?
Do you even doubt the person that you are dating or married to?
Do you really know what true love is?
If you are in a relationship, marriage, or considering any of the two then this is the book for you. It has the age-old truths about love that are never told or spoken about but which help in starting, building and sustaining happy and successful relationships or marriages. Those who know these little secrets have very happy and wonderful relationships and marriages BUT they never share them because they seem too obvious.

Lady, discover: what will make a man adore you like the Mogul Emperor of India did Mumtaz to the point of building beautiful Taj Mahal in her memory. And man, get the answer to the hardest question: What do women want? As a lady, be shocked to realize: It is not your intelligence, but childlike innocence that a man will find most alluring. If you are a man, get to learn: She would be happier in your secure arms than in that car you have annually been working your head off to buy at the expense of spending quality time with her. Just simple truths… Grab a copy and rekindle the flames.








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