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Do you ever wake up, stand in front of the mirror and loathe the man or woman you see?
Do you want to change and transform your life?
Are you feeling that you could be happier, healthier and wealthier?
Are you satisfied with how you feel about yourself?
Do you present yourself with confidence and courage when you have right opportunities?
Are you in total control of your life and happy with how you look and relate with others?
Do you feel that there is something better beside what you have and you want to feel great?
This Motivational and Personal Development Book is a must read if you are to set out on your journey of self-discovery.
“The Power of Self Image” will open your eyes to this best kept secret for successful people and companies: One’s success, happiness, health and wealth are equivalent to his or her SELF IMAGE. It will also shift your mindset to the reality that we don’t have a relationship, financial, mental, emotional or spiritual problem; it all boils down to a poor self image. And if you don’t believe in you, Bonnie will tell you why you are NOT too young or too old to change or transform your self image.

Just like the most successful companies succeed because of their Corporate Image, likewise people succeed because of their strong self image. Between a successful person and a failure their difference lies in their SELF IMAGE. Your FIRST IMPRESSION is the LAST IMPRESSION. No one gives you a second chance when you present yourself. All successful deals, relationships and trust are built by the first impression. Your SELF IMAGE is the only key to success in your life.








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