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    What separates the highly successful students from the average students?

    Why do some students achieve extraordinary results consistently while students who attend the same school and class, and are taught by the same teachers fail interminably?

    What keeps some students at the top and others at the bottom?

    What is the successful student’s best kept secret to being highly effective?

    And how can YOU unbridle the A - Student in YOU?

    “The Power of Self Image for Successful Students” has the answers to all these questions and more.
    Find out how Self Image is the master key to academic excellence.

    Discover the waiting genius in you and experience a paradigm shift in your performance in and out of school. Learn the principles of changing your self-perception, and begin your journey to being a success magnet. You have the potential. The power lies in your attitudes and mind images. Tap it NOW!




    “If I knew the secrets shared in this book, “THE POWER OF SELF IMAGE FOR SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS” when I was in school I would be a very different person today. Bonnie Kim has done it again. We cannot achieve grades that we never perceived in our mind. An amazing approach to students who want to go a notch higher in achieving success and goals. Self image is the most important tool in life. We are image driven beings, the more we see our goals that we want to achieve in advance, the better for us. What is possible in the mind is possible physically.”
    ~Maggie Munyua, Business Entrepreneur, Creative Eve

    “This book should help every student to mark the RIGHT PRICE in their mind since their level of self esteem will determine their self-worth. I would highly recommend every student to keep a copy as a daily companion to academic excellence”.
    ~Mbugua Mumbi, Author of the Best selling: “EXCUSE ME! YOUR DREAM IS CALLING YOU”, BECOMING AN ‘A’ STUDET IN LIFE”, “VITAMINS FOR SUCCESS”. International Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

    This book is amazing. The content is particularly helpful to those studying for examinations at whatever level of learning. General readers who aim to widen their own knowledge base will also have something to embrace from the book. That is so especially considering that learning is supposed to be a lifelong process whose benefits continually radiate to the whole body mechanism. Mwangi Wanjumbi ~Management Consultant, Trainer and Business/Inspirational Writer

    “Every student wants to succeed in exams but we are lacking a book that can help to motivate and at the same time help our students achieve in academic excellence too. Good news is that Bonnie Kim has come up with this solution to our students. This is a very proactive approach which everyone who reads and implements them will see an impact change for transformation and growth in their lives”
    ~Elijah S. Inyanje, Founder – Impact Change Ltd.





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