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  1. re you really successful in what you do?
  2. Do you feel like you succeeded and lost what you had achieved.
  3. Do you want to get the best of you and out of others around you to attain a common goal?
  4. Are you working hard, longer, investing all you have and putting all your plans into action but in vain?
  5. Are you wondering why some people succeed more than others?
  6. Do you have friends whom you were better than before, but are now more successful than you?
Success does not just happen. There is a hidden power behind it: secrets that are coded, yet are easy for anyone to crack. You possess both the power and the code. All you have to do to be able to achieve anything you can possibly imagine about is to ‘know’ and ‘activate’ the secret codes. It is ‘knowing’ and ‘not knowing’ of these codes that distinguishes Top Performers from Average Performers, and Under-Achievers. But this power cannot be taught, you have to learn it, nurture and develop it yourself. And this book shows you HOW. It contains a simple, clear and applicable guideline on tapping into that power.




I was surprised to find things I considered my secret mottos for success here in this book! Things
I never thought I would ever find written in a book. Simple but magical. And I have identified
things which I still do which I’ll start avoiding to increase my efficiency and to add more value to my business. I have read many motivational books but this is the most thought-provoking.
Unlike most others, ‘Power Behind Every Success’ is less theoretical and more practical.”
~Atul Shah, Managing Director, Nakumatt Holdings Limited – Kenya

“What is success? How can I become successful? What is the power behind success? The perfect answers are in this book. This publication has broad appeal and I recommend it to young adults, professionals and business owners who are seeking greater success in their lives.”
~James N. Karundu, Business Growth Mentor for Entrepreneurs / Motivational Speaker / Author

“’Power behind Every Success’ is not a theory but has ideas which relates to real world challenges and how we can overcome them. It is enlightening, inspiring and motivating enough to make you set out to achieve your dreams. It motivated me to make a very important change in my life.”
~Milka Owao, Training Officer, IHRM




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