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Do you regret where you came from, what your parents, guardians or members of the society have done to you?
Do you ever wish you were not born?
Are you confused?
Do you feel like you were either born in the wrong race, place, parents, wrong career, or relationship?
Do you feel lost in the world of opportunities where your friends are succeeding and you ain’t?
BORN WITHOUT A CHOICE is a book that most people are interested to know about. You and I, no one wrote a catalogue on which parents to be born to, the religion, race, sex, skin color. We were all born without a choice. Despite all this you can make a difference in your life for the greatest gift which God gave man after creation was: “FREEDOM TO CHOOSE”. You have the freedom to make the right choice no matter what you are going through. Remember who you are today is not as important as to who you want to become in the future.

This book has something that will strongly resonate with you. Get ready for self-discovery and a very successful life after understanding: no one had the chance to choose where to be born. From this powerful book, you will learn why: your parents had the duty to bring you into this world but it is your responsibility to become what you want. You will get to discover the untapped force you are, with the greatest gift - FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. Finally it will teach you how to turn your life around with your reactions to the evitable and inevitable.




“I thank Bonnie for answering to the dream of inspiring others through his experience. I believe this book will shift your thinking about life and success for it’s filled with valuable insights. It has something that will make you realize that all is not lost and that every dark cloud has a silver lining.  But like I have always warned, even in my books, getting the message is not enough. You must take action and apply this message to transform your life.Born Without a Choice offers you the great choice to design your life in the exact manner that you desire it to be. But you must begin now or else tomorrow will be too late; success is in the now. Though you were born without a choice you now have a choice how to live. This is an actionable material and book more than worth your money and highly recommendable for anyone who desire to transform their life.”
~Mbugua Mumbi, International Motivational Speaker
Author of: Excuse Me! Your Dream is Calling You; Vitamins for Success; Becoming an ‘A’ Student in Life and Designed A Champion.




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