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I do not believe in the myth that ‘you are what you think’, and neither will I agree with anyone in this world about it. You are not what you think. You are only what you believe; whether you thought about it or someone else did, you will benefit from that thought either positively or negatively.

Thinking is not enough; you have to believe in an idea if you really want to benefit from that idea.
Psychologist says that we have 60,000 thoughts every day yet we do not become the products of  all these thoughts. They all agree we are some of those thoughts.

If you are watching a football match you start thinking as the players, if you are watching a movie you start thinking as the actors yet you do not become them after.

Your thinking is influenced and determined by where you are but what you become is determined by what you believe whether someone influenced you or you imagined it yourself.

I have come to discover that the thoughts that shapes who we become are the only thoughts we believe in. When you accept someone’s thought, it becomes your thought and you own it. You own it not because you thought about it but because you believe in it. What we believe in, we own and what we own ends up becoming ours.

You cannot accept what you do not believe in. whatever your mind can conceive and believe; you can surely achieve. As you believe, so you are. You only become what you believe.

This book is breaking a myth in this 21st Century  that, “You are what you think”. Principles within this book are easy, understandable and applicable to help you form a belief that you will benefit from and get rid of beliefs that does not make you better.


As A Man believes is a gift that shows that despite the storms you have gone through, “There is a still a reason to believe in yourself and in your dreams. You are still as valuable as before you lost that job, business, relationship or anything that you have lost.”

This book is a reflection of how you can be the best and most successful in what you do. It proves to you that you are not what you think you are but what you believe you are. You are as great as you believe you are and not just thinking alone.

Whatever you believe; you will achieve. If you can believe; all things are possible. This book is a master plan for any come back you have longed for.








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